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A Safe Workplace Is A Productive Workplace

July 8th, 2014

In 2012 there were 4,628 workers that died while on the job- that’s more than 12 deaths every day. Also in 2012, there were almost 3 million non-fatal injuries that occurred on the job. These injuries are dramatically affecting the economic situation of workers in America, making it tougher for them to pay their bills and provide for their families, which sends waves through the greater economy. What’s more, workplace accidents take a toll on the production of companies trying to compete in the marketplace, as well as reducing America’s overall impact in that industry on a global scale.

There are a number of city, county, state, and federal regulations in place designed to promote safety in the workplace, but these are only effective when the people involved are educated and properly trained. Every member of a company, from management to labor, plays an integral part in making and keeping the workplace a safe place. That’s why Employee Business Solutions approaches workplace safety by looking at the whole operation. By instilling a sense of control and ownership in everyone involved in the company, safety is made a priority and the processes of implementing safety procedures are much more effective.

When workers understand the reasons behind safety regulations, and how to maintain a safe workplace, they can feel more comfortable and confident in their jobs. A workplace staffed by educated and trained employees has far fewer workers comp claims filed, and fewer injuries and deaths. Workers have also been shown to experience greater job satisfaction and lifted morale. Promoting practices that benefit employees’ health and safety also goes a long way to demonstrate a company’s dedication to its workers.

To learn more about how to effectively train and educate staff, and keep the workplace a safe place to be, reach out to Employee Business Solutions. The approach to quality management and workplace safety is custom-tailored to each industry and company, taking the most up-to-date information into account, and implementing creative programs to engage all staff members in the process. Contact Employee Business Solutions to discover more. Visit today.

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