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Archive for August, 2014

How to approach payroll overpayment

Mistakes happen, and sometimes an employer overpays employees. There are many reasons this can happen, and there are just as many reasons to fix it. An error such as this does not mean the employee is entitled to the money, but they are instead required to pay it back. Read more to learn about how… Read More

Injured Worker Quits, WinsWorkers Comp Appeal

After a series of appeals, a Philadelphia healthcare company must pay Paul Marazas compensation benefits even though he sustained injuries shortly after resigning from his job. Even though he was considered to not be a current employee at the time of the injury, Mr. Marazas’ lawsuit defended that he was working at the time of… Read More

Leave-Management Outsourcing

Integrated Disability and Absence Management Services, which includes short- and long-term disability and federal and state leave management, is expected to help employers lower costs and enhance employee productivity by providing means of outsourcing leave management. With an aging workforce, this program will help employers look to outsource processed as they experience ever-increasing regulatory and… Read More

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