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Drug-Free Workplace

 Drug-Free Workplace, Employee Assistance Programs and Business Solutions

There are many benefits to implementing a quality Drug-Free Workplace program in your workplace. These benefits vary by state, industry, and company.

  • Workers Compensation Discounts
  • Lower Insurance Premiums
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Fewer workplace accidents
  • Procedures in place if there is a workplace accident
  • Increased productivity

A Drug-Free Workplace at your company should be established primarily for SAFETY. The intent of a company’s Drug-Free Workplace program should NOT be PUNITIVE!

“Drug-Free Workplace Programs are NOT about a company ‘catching’ employees using drugs. Drug-Free Workplace Programs are about preventing employee drug-use in the workplace. Employee drug testing is about a company’s LEGAL as well as MORAL obligation and responsibility to keep its workplace a SAFE and HEALTHY environment for ALL its employees, customers, and vendors.”

Employee Business Solutions, Inc. provides Drug Free Programs and administration to help minimize accidents and keep your business operating drug & alcohol free! We work with third party administrators to meet your Federal DOT regulated and non DOT-regulated employees

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