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  • Assisting Your Employees.

    EBS-EAP is the Solution.

    Whether a business is concerned with banking, health care, transportation, manufacturing, ect. – Employee Business Solutions, Inc.can structure an Employee Assistance Program for your business. Employee Assistance Programs and Business Solutions

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  • What is an EAP?

    Employee Assistance Benefits.

    Everyone has problems from time to time. Some can be solved alone; others require help. Employee Assistance Programs provide the right kind of help to solve personal and workplace problems.

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  • Help Minimize Accidents.

    Saftey Programs, SAP Evaluations & Drug Free Workplace Programs.

    Employee Business Solutions, Inc. provides Drug Free Workplace Programs, Safety Compliance and SAP Evaluations. Administered by EBS-EAP,  to help minimize accidents and keep your business operating drug & alcohol free!

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  • Live and Work Well.

    Behavioral Health Consulting.

    Helping Behavioral Health Care Hospitals and Organizations in achieving their business objectives while training your employees to perform at their maximum level.

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About EBS

As a part of our family of integrated services, Employee Business Solutions, Inc. offers Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to company’s employees and their family members… Learn More →

What is EAP?

Employee Assistance Programs is a cost-effective service to help employees and their family members find solutions for a variety of adverse situations… Learn More →

Why EBS?

Every business is composed of the people who operate it. It is good business to help employees function at their top performance level… Learn More →

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