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Workplace Safety Programs

Employee Assistance Programs and Business Solutions

Every member of your company, from management on down, contributes to a safe workplace, but getting everyone on board to create a safer place to work can be a challenge. Employee Business Solutions, Inc. Safety Programs provide the third party administration to make it happen successfully.

The first goal of any Workplace Safety Program is to raise awareness of behaviors and areas such as machine usage in a factory, which can create hazardous situations. We provide information, ideas and articles that discuss ways to prevent accidents. But what truly makes our innovative workplace safety incentive plans effective are the lotto and other interesting games that reward the changes in behavior that actually make the workplace safer.

Our Workplace Safety Programs take a total quality management approach, looking at every aspect of the workplace to improve safety. Programs include methods to work directly with unions to enlist their help, demonstrating the benefits of worker health and safety not only to your company, but to the union as well.

We’ve found that creating a safer workplace not only reduces workers comp claims, but it can boost morale and job satisfaction, which in turn improves your relations with employees and their unions.

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