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Archive for January, 2018

The FDA Is Going After Fake Opioid Addiction Cures

The FDA Is Going After Fake Opioid Addiction Cures. January 30, 2018 Ed Cara – Science writer at Gizmodo and pug aficionado elsewhere  Email Twitter Posts Whenever tragedy rears its head, it’s an inescapable fact that grifters will come around looking for their next victims. The opioid crisis is sadly no exception. Companies with  fake opioid addiction cures, marketing… Read More

Trump Administration Halts Program That Evaluates Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Therapies

The Trump administration has abruptly halted work on a highly regarded program to help physicians, families, and others separate effective “evidence-based” treatments for substance abuse and behavioral health problems from worthless interventions. The initiative was terminated without any replacement offerings set up in its place The program, called the National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and… Read More

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