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Obama to Approve Immigrant Work Permits for Millions

It seems that the formal announcement of this change to our views on immigration could be on the horizon. These changes could effect as many as 3.3 million people that are here in the country illegally. Obama makes a stand by making the statement that “We’re deporting people that shouldn’t be deported,” and “We’re not… Read More

Keeping Your Employees Healthy Is Good For Business

Substance abuse in the workplace is very unfortunate but very real problem for many people.  While it takes it’s toll on the people it also affects the business in a very serious way but no employee should ever be afraid to ask for help workplace substance abuse assistance programs like the ones provided by Employee… Read More

The High Cost Of Substance Abuse

It’s no secret that workplace drug abuse can cost employee’s their lives.  It’s a heartbreaking fact but those problems also cost companies billions.  In one study drug and alcohol cost one state alone $1.84 billion in a single year.  It can be difficult for a company to know exactly what to do without the help… Read More

The Creating Process – 20 Quips

We can all use a little help being creative. Creativity can either come very easy for some or be almost unattainable. Using some of these “Quips” you may be able to find a process that fits your style or attitude. Being creative can be fun as you can allow yourself to make mistakes as you… Read More

It’s Ok To Ask For Help

Workplace substance abuse assistance programs can do incredible things when they are used properly.  Turn on the news and you’re guaranteed to hear at least one heart-breaking story about substance abuse epidemics throughout our country.  What can be done to stop this?  Businesses must reach out to companies like Employee Business Solutions to create solutions… Read More

Employee Over-Payments

Has this happened to you? You get your paycheck at the end of the month and there seems to have been an error, in your favor! Depending on the state in which you live there may be different ways of dealing with the over payment. Use this guide to see where you may stand in… Read More

How Can An EAP Help Your Business?

Substance abuse at work is no laughing matter and help should always be available.  Workplace substance abuse programs are incredibly important not just for providing employee assistance but also for keeping the business running efficiently.  Things like workplace drug testing are of course a legal necessity but it is almost always more cost efficient to… Read More

Best Insurance Employers 2014

Business Insurance ranked the best insurance industry employers for the year and the list is worth checking out. Burnham Benefits Insurance Services Inc. in California came in first place. The employer has created an environment that empowers its employees to solve problems and think about solutions in a different way. Silberstein Insurance Group came in… Read More

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