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No One Is Immune From Mental Illness

No one is immune to the destructive tendencies of stress and anxiety. Sometime people turn to drugs or alcohol to cope. Even nurses can become reliant on substances to make it through the work. Sadly in a field that requires constant alertness and shifts as long as 12 hours some individuals turn to less than… Read More

Black Lung Benefits Case, Court Sides With Worker

This article goes to show that even if you meet requirements to make a claim for most any employee disability will involve some back and fourth and perhaps even an appeal or two. It is best to lawyer up in these situations. With the new education in workplace hazards like Black Lung Employee Business Solutions… Read More

It’s Ok To Talk About Mental Illness

It wasn’t long ago people weren’t able to discuss things like depression. For most of our history people suppressed those feeling and didn’t discuss them with anyone. Depression is something that needs to be discussed however. It’s an illness that requires professional help and luckily that help is more readily available than ever. Many employers… Read More

The Holidays Can Be As Stressful As They Are Joyful

As joyous as the holidays can be there’s no denying that they can be stressful. Whether you’re hosting a holiday get together and you’re dreading the workload or you’re feeling overwhelmed at work with the end of the year fast approaching. Seasonal Affective disorder affects millions of people a year and it’s not something to… Read More

Employee Wellness Programs – Obesity

Would you believe that obesity costs the global economy $2 trillion a year! Or how about just the US economy? Well that comes to a staggering $8.65 billion a year a number that continues to grow…quite literally. This article also points out that companies continue to offer employee wellness benefits regardless of an increase of… Read More

Healthcare Is More Important Than Bonuses

The right incentives can make all the difference in the world when it come to productivity. It might shock you to find however that traditional incentives like bonuses or raises can actually be detrimental to productivity. The best thing you can offer is something that encourages teamwork and brainstorming. Offering things like EAP programs can… Read More

Everyone Needs A Helping Hand

Stress is all around us and there’s no avoiding it. Some of us turn to friends and family to cope, but some turn to other solutions. If your employees don’t have anyone to turn to EAP programs can like the ones provided by Employee Business Solutions can be literal lifesavers. Having an EAP program in… Read More

Dollar Tree Manager Due Disability Benefits

It goes to show that good safety training can do wonders to keep your company from having to pay out expensive disability claims. A little bit of education could have gone a long way in this instance. It is great however for a appeals court to uphold the law and award out the disabled employee… Read More

Is Stress Keeping Your Workers Paralyzed?

Stress can have a debilitatingly adverse effect on employees. 64% of employees report feeling level of stress so high they they feel out of control at work. 29% percent of workers miss 3 to 6 days of work per year due to high stress while 16% miss more than 6.  Stress is one of the… Read More

Your Employees Don’t Need To Cope With Mental Illness Alone

Mental illness and substance abuse cost employers an estimated $100 billion a year.  EAP programs like the ones provided by Employee Business Solutions aim to help employers and employees find solutions together that treat illness and in doing so reduce the damage done to productivity.  Sometimes people need help and it’s important that your employees… Read More

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