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Taking Care of Yourself at Workplace

February 17th, 2020

Participants in a Bruin Health Improvement Program class workout at Drake Stadium. Credit: UCLA Recreation

Taking Care of Yourself at Workplace and Combating  workplace stress throughout the day with regular interventions. Whittle away at stress rather than doing something about it only when you hit the wall at day’s end. Think “preventive maintenance.” The goal: leaving work feeling less exhausted. Target four areas:

1) The Body – Create means of stretching, moving, and exercising during the day.

2) The Mind – Practice mindfulness, meditation, or breathing exercises that produce calm.

3) Diet – Consume energy-giving foods. (See List Below)

• Whole Grains
• Fatty fish (especially Salmon and Tuna*)
• Sunflower seeds
• Dairy products (Milk and Yogurt)
• Chicken
• Eggs
• Nuts
• Mushrooms
• Beef
• Water

4) Shift Focus – Practice focusing on enjoyable pursuits or distractions unrelated to work. These self-care interventions will increase productivity and your resilience.

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