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Stress Survival Skills

November 23rd, 2021

There are eight essential Stress Survival Skills that work in combination to help you make decisions. They focus on preventing distress and enriching the quality of your life. Everyone has a form of the skills below, some which bring about negative change; most bring out a positive change. Decide which skills you want to strengthen? Which skills do you have which do not appear on this list?

Stress Survival Skills

Vision – Stress Survival Skills

Survivors keep their attention clearly focused on their goals and priorities. They manage time and energy wisely. Some days they make bold leaps forward, other times taking small measured steps. Seeing the large picture, they continue relentlessly forward. Their actions are guided from within without losing sight of the needs of others.

Vitality – Stress Survival Skills

Survivors create a lifestyle that produces an abundance of energy.  Survivors maintain the vigor to thrive and face the demands of life. They schedule time to recharge with exercise, recreation and supportive companionship. With strength of conviction, flexibility of mind and practiced endurance they are able to rise above struggles.

Courage – Stress Survival Skills

Survivors have the inner strength to act even when they are afraid. They have developed the insight to know when to be assertive and when to yield, forgive and let go. With self-confidence and determination, they question beliefs and confront unhealthy attitudes. They dare to act on their beliefs and are willing to adjust actions as necessary.

Resiliency- Stress Survival Skills

Survivors learn from their mistakes and bounce back. When faced with adversity they maintain a healthy attitude: “I will do whatever is needed to restore harmony”. Survivors believe firmly that they can positively alter circumstances. They strive to prevent problems when possible and marshal a variety of resources to meet challenges. They develop problem-solving skills that allow them to foresee new possibilities.

Sense of Humor

Survivors are playful and lighthearted, even daring to laugh at themselves. They derive pleasure from the simple joys of life and find fun in the most mundane of tasks. During difficult times, they maintain a healthy perspective. Studies have shown that a sense of humor was the most consistent characteristic Stress Survival Skills among executives promoted within the Fortune 500 companies.

Laughter can lead to reduced muscle tension, reduced autonomic arousal, reduced blood pressure and pain, and increased blood oxygen levels. Even when dealing with heavy issues, survivors appreciate the value of levity. Pleasure and creativity are priorities.

Stress Survival Skills

Participants in a Bruin Health Improvement Program class workout at Drake Stadium. Credit: UCLA Recreation

Reverence for Life

Survivors balance self-interest with respect for all life forms. Their personal convictions support and strengthen their will to live. They protect and nurture their self-esteem and inner peace. Compassion guides everyday actions. Survivors accept total responsibility and spiritual growth.

Spirit of Adventure

Survivors are enthusiastic and eager to ride in the front seat of the roller coaster of life. They have a natural curiosity, a willingness to experiment and a lifelong love of learning. Though they are risk-takers, they are not reckless. They seek both self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Cooperative Nature

Survivors are eager to work to achieve common goals. They can take leadership positions or follow directions when needed. Survivors offer assistance to friends and co-workers and can also ask for help. They can work alone when necessary, but prefer teamwork. Humor can create bonds among employees and have a significant impact on workplace productivity. They seek solutions that serve the greater benefit of all.

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