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Workplace Attire: Successfully Dressed

February 11th, 2015

As many may know, starting out the year on a good note can be vital to the tone of the remainder year. It’s why we make goals and resolutions. We want to start the year on a good foot so we put our best foot forward. Go the distance this year and start with what you wear in the workplace. It may not seem like a big deal but first impressions mean everything on the career path. It’s valuable advice to “dress for the job you want.” Moreover, the old adage “dress for success” also has some truth to it. What you wear at work often represents how much you care about the job or your future at that job. Whether it’s a job interview or daily representation of yourself, dressing appropriately and neatly is a tangible presentation of what success you seek or wish to maintain.

According to studies in the past, success can actually be in the way you dress. In some cases, outfits and clothing are directly correlated with your salary or income. This says you want to make a good first impression and that you give strong attention to your career ambitions. What does this mean if you already have your dream job? The next steps to appropriate workplace attire is maintaining it. In the food industry, this means a clean, hygienic appearance. In the office environment, this implies consistent and diligent adherence to company policies. While dressing for success at an interview, evaluation or a meeting with the boss about a possible promotion is something to abide by, there is still room for error in fashion. Understand the job and its boundaries before you walk into an interview with the wrong uniform.

Your clothing portrayal should reflect self-respect and respect toward your position. You know you are a hardworking and excellent employee on the inside, now is the time to show your professional qualities on the outside.


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