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Drug-Free Work Environment

April 12th, 2022

Unfortunately, drugs are all around these days. When it comes to educating people about the dangers of drug abuse, it is easy to list off the health risks and other negative side effects but dealing with addiction is a much more complicated process. Drug use can become prevalent in workplace environments that require enduring high stress situations, either to get through the work day or to recover from it. That is why Employee Business Solutions has developed a drug-free work environment program to combat employee drug use. By not only providing education about the dangers of substance abuse, but addressing the causes of it and providing access to resources for people who are dealing with addiction, Employee Business Solutions is able to lower the incidents of drug use, and the negative situations that arise from it.

By helping workers who are facing drug abuse problems, and their families, Employee Business Solutions is able to reduce the cost that business have to shoulder when these problems come to a head. Some of the benefits of implementing these systems are reduced cases of workplace accidents, higher levels of productivity, less expensive insurance premiums, decreased instances of absenteeism, and much more. Employee Business Solutions will also help companies navigate the specifics regarding regulations varying from company, state, and industry to customize solutions that are most appropriate and effective.

When a workplace is drug-free work environment,  it becomes much safer for everyone involved. By reducing the likelihood of accidents, the operational and insurance costs are also lowered- allowing for greater profits and compensation. And to protect the rights of employees and foster an environment of accessible treatment, all cases of assistance are kept confidential. More information can be found on the new website launched by Employee Business Solutions. Companies looking to provide these services to their employees should contact EBS to find out more about what solutions are needed, and what insurance discounts may be available. Employees dealing with addiction, or concerned about the well-being of their fellow coworkers, can also reach out to Employee Business Solutions to find out resources are available to them. Visit today for more information.

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